Extra artichoke hearts. De Frutos 16-20


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VARIETY. Extra artichoke hearts. De Frutos 16-20 
PRODUCER. Sola de Antequera, SA ALSUR. 
Ingredients: Artichoke hearts, water, salt, acidifier: citric acid. 
VALUES NUTRICUIONALES. By 100grs. product. 
Calories 131 Kj. 31 Kcal. 
Fats. 0,30grs. of which saturates. 0,00grs. 
Carbohydrates. 4,90grs. of which sugars: 1,92grs. 
Proteins. 2,13grs. 
1,00grs Sal.. 
VOLUME. Net Weight 205grs. Drained weight 110grs. 
FORMAT. Glass jar.

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