Absinthe Distilleries Montana Perucchi

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VARIETY. Absinthe 68.

PRODUCER. Montana distilleries Perucchi S.A.


Absinthe or absinthe, dubbed the Green Devil is an alcoholic beverage light aniseed flavor, with a bitter background of complex dyes due to the contribution of herbs containing mainly Artemisia absinthium. When you add cold water and sugar, the drink becomes milky essence louche. It began as an elixir in Switzerland, but was in France that became popular because of the association between artists and writers who took this drink in Paris in the late nineteenth century until its production was banned in 1915.


Maceration of Artemisia absinthium without distillation produces a bitter beverage end, due to the presence of some water-soluble compound called absintina. The most authentic recipes call for distillation after the first maceration and before maceration "color". The distillation of absinthe in the flowers of fennel and anise produces a colorless alcoholic solution leaving the alembic with a concentration of about 82% alcohol. You can see that the typical colors of this drink called poetically the Bleue ('blue') or Blanche ('white'), or the famous green, come from dyes added to the drink, which can come from artificial compounds, or Chlorophyll of sage added to the liquid from the distillation itself. After this process is reduced with water to obtain the desired concentration of alcohol. Depending on the time of exposure to light chlorophyll can vary in color from emerald green through greenish yellow to brown. This is the explanation that sold absinthes "vintage" show amber colors as a result of this aging process and reaction to light.

VOLUME. 500 ml

FORMAT. Glass bottle

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