Vela sausage Joselito 270gr.


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1 kg = 47.59 €

VARIETY. Acorn Iberian sausage Vela 100%

PRODUCER. Joselito.

INGREDIENTS. Lean pork, sea salt, pepper and garlic.


It is understood by candle sausage, mix minced meat, exclusively from pork, seasoned with sea salt, pepper and garlic, mixed and stuffed, which has undergone a process of maturation-drying, which ensures good stability and a smell and flavor.

Cut is characterized by a very fine chopping and brilliant coloration of the infiltration of fat in the muscles of pigs reared on the open range. Over 3 months.


Energetic Value (Kcal / KJ) 447 Kcal. / 1,868 kJ.

Protein (g) 37.9 gr.

Carbohydrates. 0.8 gr. of which: Sugars 0 g.

Fat 39.9 g of which

15 g saturated.

20.9 g monounsaturated.

2 g polyunsaturated.

0 g dietary fiber.

1 g sodium.

Because of its craftsmanship and the degree of fat infiltration presenting the pieces can be detected any deviation values ??with respect to those described.

VOLUME. Spare 0.270Kg

FORMAT. Vacuum packaging.

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