100% Iberian ham Cinco Jotas 6.5 kg


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1 kg = 69.23 €

VARIETY. 100% Bellota ham Cinco Jotas Iberian.

PRODUCER. Sánchez Romero Carvajal.


Made with the hind legs of the pig 100% Iberian reared free. The Parkland Southwest Peninsular ensure the best food, acorns, preserved for a single race since 1879. During the period of the mast, the main oleic acids infiltrate acorns meat of this species so pure and unique, native to our peninsula, transferring the ham aromas and delicious flavors, resulting in a piece of unique quality, a real treasure of our heritage.

Conservation tips.

Ham conservation should keep it in a cool, ventilated area. We must desenfundarlo far cut. The minimum tools necessary for a good sliced ??ham are carving knife narrow, long and flexible blade. A broad-bladed knife to clean and cut before and during slicing. A sharpener, or sharpening steel and of course a good ham holder. This support should provide a perfect hold of the piece, to avoid swinging when cutting. To prevent the area on which we have begun to rust slicing it is important to keep her own fat to have removed in the process of cleaning.

VOLUME. Pieces of 6.5 kg

FORMAT. Packed in cotton cover.

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