Picual AOVE. Ecological. 100% Bio.


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PRODUCTION. The extra virgin olive oil Soler Romero is an oil body, in which herbal notes from fresh olive leaves, and a variety of fruity notes are appreciated, predominantly fruity and ripe green olives, and tomatoes, artichoke, almonds and apple. It is a balanced oil, intense fruity with a pleasant bitterness and sharpness of light-medium intensity. A good Picual oil as Soler Romero enriches every dish, enhancing, but not hiding the flavor of the ingredients. 
Our oil has been recently described by tasters and magazines as: 
Color: Yellow Green, clean, bright and consistent. 
Aroma-nose: The best way to appreciate the aroma of the oil is heating in a glass covered by hand until the oil reaches a temperature of 25-30º. Before our oil smell, stuffy recommend stirring the drink, and so, by disclosing it, we can easily appreciate the intense fruity green, grass and olive leaves, with hints of fruit such as olives, tomato and artichoke. 
Taste-Mouth: The entrance is sweet, appreciating in the front the taste of green olives, almonds, artichokes and olive leaves. Moving to the rear, has a balanced bitterness with fruity intensity finally the faint itching and ending with an aftertaste of green olive and a high persistence in the retronasal sensations. 
Conclusion: The intensity of green fruitiness is balanced with bitterness and aftertaste of olives remaining at the end of the tasting 
VOLUME. 500 ml 
FORMAT. Glass bottle.

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